More than 34 million Americans are 20 percent or more over their ideal weight. Apart from aesthetics, there are clear links between obesity and hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, arthritis and increased incidences of cancers of the uterus, gallbladder, breast, colon, kidney and stomach.

Being overweight is one of the major health problems facing Western people today.

Fortunately, it is one of the easiest to remedy.

When the functions of the body are balanced, and the processes of assimilation and elimination are working correctly, the body will naturally revert to its ideal weight. Moreover, the desire for food will manifest itself in harmony with the maintenance of this balance.

Unfortunately, this natural way of functioning is often upset by the processed foods that constitute the bulk of the Western diet today. The nutritionally empty calories of sugar, fats, white flour, and denatured food products do not provide the nutrition we need for health.

In many people this lack of nutrition results in cravings for more food, which can lead to overeating.

The effects of overeating are multi-faceted; a diet heavy in refined foods tends to cause sluggish digestion, constipation, and a build-up of toxic materials in the digestive tract.

In turn, this process inhibits proper assimilation of vitamins and other vital elements in food, which leads to an even greater desire to overeat.

A hard-to-break cycle is thus established, one that most dieters quickly recognize.

Chlorella tablets are not “diet pills” that inhibit appetite. They work to restore the natural balance of the body so that a real and permanent change can be made in overall health and weight. Thus Chlorella can be incorporated as a healthy and effective addition to any well-balanced weight loss program.

When the intestinal tract is cleansed and functioning properly, and the excess material responsible for congestion has been eliminated, the intestines can once more function normally and real progress can be made toward permanent weight loss.

Drs. Saito and Okanao found that Chlorella actually stimulates the peristaltic action of the intestines, thus promoting a speedy, healthy digestive process. Interestingly, Dr. Bernard Jensen reports that chlorophyll has this effect.

It may be, then, that the high chlorophyll content of Chlorella is responsible for this stimulation. The chlorophyll in Chlorella feeds the friendly bacteria in the stomach, and it is well known that chlorophyll is a good neutralizer of stomach acids.

Undoubtedly, one reason that Chlorella is such an effective addition to any weight-loss program is the fact that it stimulates peristalsis in the intestines. Sluggish digestion is often one of the contributing causes of unwanted weight gain and obesity. Until the root cause of this problem is acknowledged and dealt with, the goal of reaching and maintaining ideal weight will remain elusive.

When the digestive system is functioning properly, the body can effectively eliminate the excess material that contributes to unwanted weight gain. Chlorella’s beneficial effects on the peristaltic action of the intestines will immediately assist in the cleansing action that is so vital to this process.

In addition, the high levels of easily assimilated nutrition in Chlorella provide the real food needed by the body, thus reducing the cravings that lead to “eating binges.”

In the last 25 years, millions worldwide of all ages (infants included) have reaped the benefits of Chlorella. Dr. Yoshio Yamagishi, head of the Clinic Hospital of Tokyo conducted a study in 1961 involving infant subjects who were unable to digest milk formula.

Some subjects had also developed an allergic reaction to regular formula. When regular formula was replaced with a formula containing Chlorella, digestion was effortless and problem-free, proving that Chlorella is safely and easily assimilated by even the most delicate systems.

Chlorella’s ingredients also improve the entire digestive process. The stomach, widely recognized as the body’s ‘power plant’ benefits greatly from the regular use of Chlorella. Higher energy levels and improved health are two of the many positive symptoms you will exhibit once Chlorella becomes a part of your diet and your life.

Because Chlorella works to restore the natural balance of the body, it presents many benefits for those interested in building appetite and muscle. For those who are weak or debilitated, Chlorella is an excellent food supplement for restoring the energy necessary to rebuild health and strength.

Because of Chlorella’s cleansing properties, results can often occur without the need for strict dietary changes. Because Chlorella is a whole food, it does not suppress the appetite. Rather it satisfies appetite while providing the energy and well-being that result from good nutrition.

Chlorella and Hunger Control

Much has been written recently about the ability of the amino acid phenylalanine to suppress the appetite center of the brain.

Recent studies have connected the high phenylalanine content of chlorella with its ability to aid in the loss of weight. However, as research is still in progress it is impossible to make definite claims that this amino acid is effective in weight control.

Whether or not research proves these claims to be true, however, at would be a mistake to focus on this “miracle pill” aspect of Chlorella in relation to weight-loss programs. Although the manufacturers of diet pills would have us believe otherwise, there is really is no such thing as a miracle diet pill.

Chlorella performs miracles, by aiding our bodies, the real miracle workers, to tune the natural energies and instincts for health that lie within each one of us.